The Battle of Little Ipod

I woke up this morning, and set about my day by updating my ipod so I could listen to it while I cleaned the house. I got the scariest message ever:

The computer has found an ipod that appears to be corrupted.

Now, the ipod is fine (within reason – its still doing the dreaded “gapless playback” thing that – may I say this? – NEVER happened on my pc, and I can hear bits and pieces moving and whirring around inside it now, thanks to the many times I’ve dropped it while on the treadmill) iTunes is currently “hanging” but at least my podcasts are updated. At least.  I’m amusing myself by trying to clean up the video – amusing because I only use the video when I’m working out, or traveling, and only use the iPod itself when I’m cleaning house or want to hear audio come from somewhere other than my stereo. Portable gadgets feel less useful when you don’t move around as much.

Other scary news: I started Fangland last night. Do not, under any circucmstances, read this book at 11 o’clock at night. Learn from my not falling asleep until 1. It’s a great book, but I thought it was a fun romp – its not. It’s more along the lines of “I have to read something else so my brain doesn’t remember stupid vampire scenes as I fall asleep.”


2 thoughts on “The Battle of Little Ipod

  1. Take thee to the Apple Store and tell them about ze ipod! You may be able to get a replacement one for free (it is relatively new, isn’t it?).

  2. It’s two years old. Right now its ok – its been touch and go for a while. Really I’ve found that if I don’t drop it while on the treadmill, I tend to have an “ok” iPod time….but I might check in with them and see if there’s anything I can do. It’s just the Apple store is SUCH a schlep.

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