The Hairy Eyeball

This weekend, the dogs spent most of the time here:


Jasonbroad-street-closed.jpgbroad-street-closed.jpg and I are nothing but suckers for the old dogs. Even though one is younbroad-street-closed.jpgg and fits on a pillow, the other, much older dog, suckers us into letting him on the couch, which leaves room for no one else. When I did try to sit on the couch, I ended up with itchy eyes, which led me to take my contacts out for the first time since September (shh!) and this morning, when I woke up, everything was blurry and it took me a few minutes hours to find my new contacts. My eyes are really red, and I’m going in for an interview at 1, which I know will make me look like I totally hit the bottle last night. Thanks, allergies!

A few knitting items:

  • I finished the Broad Street mittens, Misti Alpaca Sportweight in some sort of reddish color. I like the result, but felt that the patterns was not necessarily the most well written pattern I’ve ever used – and its HUGE. Since its made for hands that are rather large, I had to downsize the pattern. The Alpaca, while really soft and nice, isn’t exactly glove material, since it doesn’t pick up well. In person, these look like a five year old knit them, but since they ARE soft and warm (and its 10 degrees outside right now) I’ll wear them. I also plan to make them again – one in black for me, one set in brown for Jason. But I plan to really modify the pattern to adjust for its wonkiness.

  • I also finished Fetching for my mom (don’t look mom!) and LOVE them so much. Downside the needles a bit, but loved the result. I used a new Peruvian yarn called Miski, which is 100% Baby Llama. I immediately cast on for my own pair right when I finished the first pair!

I’m having trouble with pictures, so feel free to go look at them on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “The Hairy Eyeball

  1. I’ve made the Broad Street Mittens and had the same frustration with the pattern. I think I used thin fingering weight yarn, and they came out to fit me (though they were made for my much larger brother). I remember being really annoyed that the yarn specifications were so non-specific.

  2. Oh, I know! And I used sock yarn and my fingers were…well….not 2.75 inches around like I calculated the actual patterns to be. :)

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