Caliometry & me

More snow today – or as it has been coined on Ravelry, Snowy Death from the Sky (and its boyfriend, Icy Death from the Sky). It sounds like we’ll have more later this week, and so I have a bunch of Christmas shopping to do before we leave next Friday (which I’m totally in denial about, because I’ve gotten two Christmas things done, and have not done any shopping or organizing or anything) and I totally need to get my butt in gear on a number of fronts (in a totally non-stressful way of course).

One of the things I’m planning on doing before we leave is to head over to Soaring Wings vineyard and pick up a few bottles of Nebraska wine. I’ve has some of theirs in the past and was moderately impressed, but on Sunday we had the Dragon’s Red and it was fabulous, so I plan to get one for my parents, one for my aunt, one for our “grab bag” gift and one for us (because it is REALLY good. Seriously – K&S, if I get it before Thursday, we’re so having that too).

Finished two books, one is called Mainspring by Jay Lake – great take on the whole steampunk idea, but I wasn’t too clear on what happened at the end. I may have to read it again. Usually, I feel cheated when I get to an ending I don’t fully understand – but Lake’s book was so good that I enjoyed it for the getting there, not the ending. I also read Horizons by Mary Rosenblum, which was also pretty good – an interesting take on living in space that I haven’t seen before, which is always a pleasure. It caught my eye because of its Scalzi-like cover, but its much different than Scalzi. Good all the same though.

Cast on and finished Caliometry on Monday and it is FABULOUS. I love it. Pictures below.

Caliometry & me

Oh, as a side note, I DID go out to Soaring Wings today. It was a drive and I kicked myself for not brining the camera b/c the fields (thanks to snowy death frmo the sky) are sooooo beyoootiful. I did almost slip and fall with a box full of wine in my hands on the way back to the car though.


7 thoughts on “Caliometry & me

  1. Hey,
    Figured that I would drop you a line and say thanks for the book tip. I will definitely check up on Naked Conversations.

    I really like soaring wings. I have been there a few times. I don’t know if you are familiar with a band called The Faint, but they are from Omaha and strangely enough I was at a Faint wedding there once.

    Anyways, talk to you later.

    Bill (everybodysagenius)

  2. It’s a great place – we happened upon it the first time my parents came to town. Their friends run a vineyard in Virginia called Miracle Valley Vineyard so we’re always on the lookout for nice local vineyards. The only bad thing was I’m not used to driving in snow, and I ended up having to drive on two roads that were pretty much snow covered. (It was fun…exciting fun, not exactly something I want to do again).

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