A girl in my knitting group made some gloves and mentioned she wished she’d known how fun they were to make BEFORE she started her Christmas knitting. Me too! While the Broad Street were a pain in the tush, I just started these guys last night – the pattern is the simple glove pattern from weekend knitting. I remember being intimidated by gloves (so many needles! so many wierd curves in my hands! auuugh!) but having done one pair, the second pair are *flying.*

 I started these last night at 6 pm. I have half of the middle finger and the ring finger to finish before I move on to the next pair. Size 0 needles, sockweight cashmere. Is it just me or is that totally ridiculous to have almost 1/2 a pair of gloves done in a night? (Also, after having to redo the thumb and pick out the sewn in end, I decided to not weave any in until I’m satisfied with the fit.)

My Gloveses

My ring ended up on the floor 5000 times while trying these on.


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