Trios Couleurs: Music

I’m getting ready to start a new job tomorrow (I’m going to bed soon, promise). But before I did, I made a few cds for going to work and coming home, and wanted to download a little bit of classical for my ipod, because you can’t do computer music where I’m working, and I don’t have any classical (or instrumental) on my ipod. I’m absolutely incapable of working and listening to music with words – I focus on the spoken words and can’t focus on the words I’m reading.

While I was looking, I came across my favorite album ever: the “Trios Coulers: Rouge” soundtrack by Zbigniew Preisner (don’t worry, I’m Polish and still haven’t fully figured out how to pronounce his name), who had a close collaboration with director Krzysztof Kieslowski (however, I *do* know how to pronouce his name) for many of his movies, including the Trois Couleurs trilogy (Red, White & Blue) as well as The Double Life of Veronique and others. His music is so beautiful, so haunting (and a note: some of them do have vocals – but they’re in Polish and French, so I never understand them) that I had to ask Jason if he was cool with me buying 15 of the tracks to the soundtrack to Red on iTunes (its not the whole album) – an album that I long ago lost. He reminded me I have Blue, and now all I need to complete my little “lost albums” of Preisner trilogy is the Double Life soundtrack (probably more amazing than Red).

If you like classical/instrumental, you MUST check it out. (Go to his site, and listen to some of his music)


2 thoughts on “Trios Couleurs: Music

  1. I love these movies! (I think Blue is my fav, but it’s been a while) but I’ve never just listened to the soundtracks. I’ll have to check them out – K

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