First Day

It was my first day at work today (official day, I had two “meet everyone” days before the holidays). It was fun! Lots of work, but I enjoyed it.  Now, based on my last job (the one I had for five weeks) I’m being relatively cautious about my thoughts, but I did enjoy it.  Tasks that seems busy, but not scarey. People that are nice, interested in talking about both work and life. That kind of thing. The one thing that’s funny is that I have never – in my ten 12 years of working (counting my stints as a temp at many, many place during college) – I’ve never worked in a cube, so its definitely a new phenomena for me.   You can hear some conversations but not others, and sometimes (like I did twice today) you respond to queries that aren’t made to you.

During lunch, I started on a new pair of Fetching – just for me (having completed another pair in 12 hours for my aunt the day before Christmas).  The yarn is a little fluffy, but I hope it works out well.

And now, to book, knitting, and a glass of wine.


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