Words to Knit By, Part 1

I frequently find myself knitting to audiobooks, podcasts and other audio based works, so I’ve decided to start a monthly (ish) collumn called “Words to Knit By,” which focus on the works that I most like knitting to. These works inspire me, excite me, and sometimes (!) make me knit faster (or at least more diligently). Here are the two audio programs I’ve been listening to recently:

James Patrick Kelly‘s Storypod:  So far, JPK’s Storypod has gone for three seasons – each of which I eagerly subscribe to. James Patrick Kellys work is firmly rooted in Sci Fi  – and in some cases, what sci fi writers call cyberpunk – but he also doesn’t subscribed to what his fans “want” or “need” – he writes what he wants. I’ve really enjoyed his Season 3, which have included everything from crazy cyberpunk to romantic comedies (which are so much funnier than “How to loose a guy in 10 days”).  As a taster, check out his “Free Reads” but go straight to Audible to get his Storypod. It’s worth it.

Escape Pod: Is the grandpapa of Scifi/Fantasy podcasts. Escape Pod has it all…sci fi cool stories, fantasy stories (but I eagerly await their fantasy podcast – I’ve forgotten the name. Escape Pod presents a better – or worse – tomorrow that resounds with each story. Escape Pod wants you to “Have Fun!”

And that’s it for this time around. But look for more…words to knit by!


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