It’s like sticking your hands in a vat of cashmere.

After working on them for what seemed like weeks, I finished my gloves using this fabulous cashmere (which I got at Personal Threads, but can’t for the life of me remember what brand it is). I was originally going to use the pattern that came with the kit, but then I lost it. After the Broad Street Mittens, I decided to try another pair of gloves, and since the cashmere was originally intended for gloves – why not?

Instead, I used a pattern from Weekend Knitting. Its fairly simple – garter stitch cuffs, nothing too fancy. I really enjoyed working on these gloves – in part because knitting with cashmere is like knitting with butter (just not as messy and without the pesky refrigeration issues) – and in part, because I really like making gloves. I did learn a few things though – for starters, I evidently have small child hands, rather than normal sized adult person hands, so I ended up making some alterations on the fly. My alterations weren’t exactly enough, as the pinkies on both gloves are a little funky (see pictures below for it – see how its sort of high up and funky? I don’t really like that) and I think the thumb is a bit too high. Blocking these (because I dropped one a puddle in the garage) has helped slightly, but the look still annoys me.

I plan on wearing them anyway (as much as I can, as long as I can) because a) they’re cashmere, and b) they’ll remind me that to make something really fit well, you need to learn as much as you can about what part of the body you’re knitting for. I didn’t think my hands were any different than the people the pattern was written for, and therefore I didn’t adjust them to really fit ME. That’s something thats good for me to remember – instead of plunging in and doing something so that its done, I should really sit down and think things through to get the results that I want. If imperfect cashmere gloves will remind me to take a step back and do the job right, then darnit, I’ll keep them the way they are.*

I do really like knitting gloves, and already have a few other pairs in my list of projects to do. I like the idea of making the fingers, doing all the joins and making gloves the way I want them. There’s also a sense of risk, because I’ve never kept a pair for longer than one season.

Funky Finger


*Also, I’m lazy and don’t want to unweave all the ends to fix it. I may be trying to better myself here, but I’m also a realist. :)


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