Tilted Duster

As some of you know, I’ve had some woes with the Titled Duster from this fall’s Interweave – I gauge swatched it, washed my gauge swatch, and yet when I made the darn thing, the body was way. too. big.  I restarted it, got done with the body pieces pretty fast, and then started to cast on for the skirt sometime in the middle of November an lost my steam. It sat in my basement (which is where I was doing a lot of knitting and napping back when I was freelancing) and made me feel guilty.

Once I finished the gloves & the hat I had no desire to pick up something new, so I decided to keep moving on the Tilted Duster (take 2).

Right now I’m on repeat 6 of the skirt, and just have to finish that, do the sleeves & the collar. I’m a little nervous about the shoulders – when I put the stitched together sweater on originally, it looked sort of short in the bustal region (which as many of  you know – I myself am short on bustal regions so it could be WAY too short). I’m going to plow through with the skirt part, and then try on the thing again. If it really is too short, I plan on ripping out the seams at the top and knitting a few more rows in the shoulders to make the fronts a bit longer (the back seems just fine – its just the fronts that I’m worried will look wonky).


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