I don’t know if anyone who reads my blog watches Lost. (Besides three people I know who read my blog – I don’t know anyone besides them that do actually read my blog – and one of them is my husband (who, like your mother, doesn’t really count!)

Tonight, I watched the first episode of Lost Season 4, and found it pretty darn good (actually, I found it so fantastic, that it killed TWOP, leading me to post on the blog) especially as Hurley was lovely and wonderful and all my fave characters connected to Hurley (if you watch Lost, I don’t want you to be spoiled and if you don’t – you don’t care about their names) made a stellar appearance. And, since the man who make up my Lost “characters I love who were probably brought on by original writer, David Fury, like Jin and, Bernard,” showed up multiple times, this was an A-1 episode for me. I’ve loved Sam Anderson since he played the eeeevil Holland Manners in Angel – but even my mom cried when he saw his wife Rose in Lost. (Actual quote: “I don’t know why those two are making me cry…but I am!”).

All in all – a great ep. Anyone disagree? Anyone confused and/or frightened?


5 thoughts on “Hurl-tast-tic!

  1. I don’t watch Lost (yet) but I’m feeling the pressure start to mount again. So many people love it … can it live up to the expectations? I should netflix season 1 soon and see what all the hype is about :-)

  2. Lost lost me last season, I follow once in awhile, but not the way I used to eagerly hang on to every episode. I did catch bits here and there of this latest, and I have to admit, I also love Hurly.

  3. I used to listen to Dawn and Drew as well, but I really haven’t listened much in the last year or so. Now I tend more towards fiction podcasts.

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