Swatching in the Round (by a mouthbreather)

Since I’ve started reworking a hat pattern that I’ve promised at least three or four people that I’d put up on my blog (at least a year ago!), I’ve been very careful about going about my gauge, my pattern writing, etc. One of the things I realized that I do that not everyone does (at least, I don’t think) it do a “swatch in the round” for things that will be knit in the round. I learned the technique from The Yarn Harlot‘s “Knitting Rules!” and it has been incredibly helpful.

Because I’m a huge nerd, I’ve made a video outlining how I, personally, do my swatches in the round. Any other ideas will be appreciated! Feel free to take a look. I recorded this video with my camera, and I know its a little blurry – but hopefully it gets the idea across. Also? I sound like a giant dork, AND I broke one of the cardinal rules of audio recording, as I’ve got gum in my mouth and sound like a mouthbreather. Think of it as a test video – I had fun doing it, and I might do another one (but PROBABLY in daylight, without gum in my mouth, and I’ll let Jason shoot it).

A few notes:

1 – I do swatch in the round on DPNs as well, but you have to cast on for a much larger swatch than usual, because otherwise, the fabric tends to warp a bit.

2 – Try to pull your yarn tight at the end of a row – but make sure to have your floats be nice and loose in back, otherwise, you’ll just have a badly done tube, and measuring will be a pain.

3 – I’ve noticed that this technique doesn’t work so hot on lace, or rather, laceweight yarn with a lace pattern – I tend to use it for DK weight and above.


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