…now *what* precludes you from buying yarn?


My new Ashford Kiwi. Wheeee!

What makes you realize you might need a hecka lot of practice before you’re actually stopped from buying yarn — after Lent* of course?

Badly Spun Yarn!

Why, its a badly spun thing of silk hankies!

I bought my wheel tonight (um, at knit night while having a glass of wine), came home, hauled some furniture, and then started spinning. After a few (horrible) tries, I actually made “yarn” using my silk hankies. Me + drafting = frenimies. Me + silk hankies = only fiber worth drafting (right now).

Shells, I think those few starter lessons might be in order. (But gosh darn that treading is SO MUCH FUN – and my calves are going to look great!)

*Because as we all know, buying yarn duringL ent makes TBJC. ;)

3 thoughts on “…now *what* precludes you from buying yarn?

  1. Awesome! The first go is never the prettiest, just get the feel of the wheel.

    My first try, by the end, I realized I was treadling like a bat out of hell and I didn’t need to. It all became a lot easier when I figured that out!

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