The Rise and Fall of the Pattern

I’ve been in training for about 3 days, so my lack of posting is more about the fact that I’ve been learning about finances than about me being in the big fiber hole of spinning. Let’s just say that me + financial math = “Math is Hard Barbie” (gone goth). At one point, someone asked me what I thought and somehow, out of my mouth came the words (in full Ralph Wiggum voice) “I have the Super Mario Brothers song in my head!”*
I’ve been working on my hat pattern that I planned to post this week. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances running out of yarn I have to put that plan on hold until I get another ball of the stuff I’m using from Sarah. (Who promises that she’ll get it to me next week, which means we’ll have a pattern by Saturday! YAAAY!) Let’s just say that with the amount I had, I made a Caliometry without the button. (D’oh.

I’ve continued working on the Tilted Duster, and a random sock that has no pattern whatsoever. In fact, last night someone asked me if it was a baby sock….sadly, no…its for me…just stretchy and without sizing. I needed to knit a sock, and so a sock I started knitting. I figure if it doesn’t work for me, I know 18 other people who might use it.

*Which was better than earlier that morning – it was the Love Boat theme song.


4 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of the Pattern

  1. “Waiting to get the stuff from Sarah who promises to have it next week” sounds like drugs more than yarn to me. Unless yarn is your drug! PS – I will take the sock if you don’t want it.

  2. re: Sock – Jason, sweetie, its blue and purple. Unless there’s something I don’t know about you, I don’t think you want it.

    Opal – I KNOW! It’s so catchy though – I think I’ve lost YEARS (YEAAARS!) to the Love Boat theme song.

    And Kathy, if its a size 8.5, its yours. :) And you can have Math.

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