The Economist

Disclaimer: I was totally, thoroughly spoiled for this episode of Lost. So spoiled in fact, I had a scene by scene breakdown of aforementioned spoilage. Even so, I totally enjoyed this episode. To wit:

1 – Sayid. In a suit. With flowing locks. That pretty much says it all.

2 – If they’d like to do a spinoff called “Sayid and Hurley’s CrimeFighters!” where Sayid wears a suit and wields a gun, and Hurley plays the patsy to fool unsuspecting criminals all the time, sign me up!

3 – Hurley: “Oh great. The freighter brought us another Sawyer.” Hee.

4 –  Am I the only person who thinks that Miles and Daniel, far from being up to no good, are actually searching for Charlie so they can sign him to their new indie record label? Those two are so twee and..wimpy.

5 – I like the pilot guy. He’s very grizzly adamsish.


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