Ohhhh. I was so spoiled for this (and evidently, my source for this one was point. by. point.). On one hand, I LOVED it – on the other, I was so sad to know everything. The nice thing was that there was a lot of stuff that the source missed, so it wasn’t like you saw everything in the spoilers. If I CAN stand it, I will not be spoiled next week. (Ok, I’ll only be KIND OF spoiled…like what I know now, and what might come up, but not a play by play like I had this time).

With that, some thoughts:

1 – Ohhhhh Sawyer. I know I said Sayid looked good last week, but you? Also  saucy! Even though I have TOTALLY given up boxed wine (in favor of the real, bottled stuff after a horrific event involving boxed wine when I was 21) –  offer me a glass of boxed Dharma wine and I am yours.*

2 –  Clarie+ Aaron? Very cute. Also, how wonderful would it be to make and drink coffee in your OWN HOUSE after 100 days?

3 – Locke, I’ve always been your cheerleader but the “breakfast” you gave Miles? Scared the crap out of me.   Come back, Gentle Island Mystery Locke!!

4 – Jack was wearing waaaay too much blush in the courtroom. It was……blushy.

5.  I was so spoiled for the ending, I don’t have anything else to say BUT – that totally was Turniphead as we saw on the island…not a new Aaron.

*Jason, please know this is a FICTION show. You flashing boxed wine at me really won’t make me yours – unless we were on a spooky, scarey island with a smoke monster** and the closet grocery store is 5000 miles away.

**Bruno farting in our living room does not count as island with scarey smoke monster. Just saying.


4 thoughts on “Eggtown

  1. I think I’m more scared about the comments to Jason than what’s happening on Lost. By the way, what the fuck is happening with Lost! It’s crazy! And I as well love to see Sawyer in the buff.

  2. Hee. Lauren, you’ve been around Bruno. You know those little air drafts are deadly. :)

    Justin – I think I could manage a target boxed wine, though I haven’t tried them and am skeptical. Franzia is just…WRONG.

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