TWIK (or, This Week in Knitting)

I’d planned to write this post last Sunday, but things have been sort of crazy so I’ve decided to lump everything together:

Titled Duster – Most of my knitting energy has been devoted to the Tilted Duster this week. As I’ve written before, I was waiting to see if the fit was ok once I finished the skirt. I finished it this week (I think it was Tuesday) and the fit looks pretty good – no lines in weird places! YAY! I started on the collar, and I had to stop and unwind a bunch of yarn that I had used for the sleeves back when I made the darn thing too big.  Once I finish the collar, I’ll be on to the sleeves, and hopefully, will finish this week.

Fuzzy Tilted Duster
Spinning – Lots of spinning went on last weekend. I finished my first rounds of spinning from the fiber I had bought at Stitches 2 years ago:
2 silk hankies, one merino
Everything balled up
Blue Yarn
My favorite yarn so far
And I got some new fiber from the Yarn Barn of Kansas! Whee!


So far so good – I’ve learned a) my yarn does not have to be “perfect” and that I enjoy spinning! I’m finally making yarn the weight I want (which is “less bulky) and I like the process!


3 thoughts on “TWIK (or, This Week in Knitting)

  1. Hee. seriously!

    I actually PLIED some yarn yesterday and I think I’m in love with it. I’ll bring it to show n’ tell. :)

  2. I cannot wait to see it! IF you are doing as well as I think in just a few weeks…well, I predict you’ll be selling that wheel and saving for a new one LOL!

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