Words to Knit By, Part 2

(Note to all: I’ve been cleaning out my “to post” files today….hopefully I can get more regular about getting rid of stuff that needs to be edited)

I’ve been on a history kick lately, and so my podcast listening has reflected that. If you’re a history buff, these are the perfect podcasts to knit or spin to:

 The History of Rome podcast – “A weekly podcast tracing the history of the Roman Empire, beginning with Aeneas’s arrival in Italy and ending (someday) with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.”  Mike does a great podcast – interesting, in depth (he has so many episodes and takes his time with things – sometimes splitting up an event into 2 or 3 podcasts in order to ensure he gets all the details in. The only downside is that he records somewhat low – so you might have to turn it up or tell everyone to shut up if you’re listening.

 12 Byzantine Rulers – The first history podcast I listened to, and its wonderful. Essentially a podcast of lectures, but really well done. I enjoyed them – even though I knew nothing about Byzantium and my only exposure has been bits and piece from fiction and college classes way back. Rumor has it he’s doing a book, and has plans to create another podcast series soon.


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