We have worms

I’ve seen the Make Magazine post on starting your own worm composting bin make its way around the blogs in my RSS reader, so I wanted to share that we actually have our own worm bin, courtesy of my husband Jason. Our setup is pretty much the same as the one in Make. This was wierd to me, because growing up in Germany I remember stomping outside to the compost “bin” in friend’s yards and dumping stuff. As far as I remember, it was all outside. In fact, even though I was in 5th grade and incredibly small for my age, the compost bin at my Tante Annette’s was HUUUUUGE (think garden sized).

That said, the whole thing is pretty easy, from a cook’s side (I let Jason do the dirty work).¬† I just keep all my vegetable scraps and coffee filters, etc, in a bowl during the day and we dump them at night. If you use a garbage bowl at all in your cooking, its just a matter of having two – one for veg matter and one for non-compostable stuff (like plastic bags for the veggies, etc).

(NOTE: I have yet to actually look at said worms, but I can say that even with my ultra pregnant nose, when I go down to the basement where the worm bin is, I don’t really smell anything different or out of the ordinary.)


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