To plan or to play?

Lately I’ve come to see knitting and spinning as something for which I do not want to use a plan. By “plan” I mean, I’ve frequently had the following conversation in yarn stores:

You: “Great yarn – what do you plan to make with it?”

Me: “Buhhhhhhhh…..I dunno”

I buy yarn because I like the way it looks, or I’ve wanted to work with it, and I can tell you that the number of times I’ve bought specific yarn for a project and it has ended up as what I intended it to be is a total of 2 projects.  Everything else has ended up being something else entirely. Sometimes I see it as failure. Like “Oh…..remember when I really thought I was going to make (and wear) the small gauge linen nightgown from Mason Dixon knitting? HAHAHAHAHAHA.” Most of the time, I see it as opportunity – I’m not stuck with an unchangable list of projects from which I will not (or cannot) deviate. I’m free to pursue what interests me at the time.

For the last two nights, I’ve been leafing through old magazines, trying to find something to spark my brain to knit. I finally found something last night, and have the *perfect* yarn for it. This particular yarn has sat in my stash for about 3 years, and now I know what I want to do with it! Triumph – and if it doesn’t work, then back in the stash it goes.

I particularly like this because it encourages me to play with my materials (something that Brenda from CastOn talks about frequently) – if I want to use up some yarn trying to figure out how to make a lace table runner, I can, without worrying that it should be going to something “useful.” I’m pretty confident that at some point, the 7 swatches I’ve made will be turned into something.

What, I don’t know — figuring it out is the fun part.


2 thoughts on “To plan or to play?

  1. I think it is totally ok to not have a project in mind when buying yarn as you well know. I buy because I like or it is pretty or I just must have it NOW. Go ahead and play, make what you want and enjoy this hobby to the full extent!

  2. I obviously agree. :) I just realized how many times I’ve had that conversation – which maybe says more to how people buy materials than how they plan out their knitting. It strikes me as funny too, because no one asks a person buying a guitar what they plan on playing with it. (Although, just for fun, I might start asking….)

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