Cabled Yarn

I recently tried my hand at cabled yarn using the tutorial from the winter issue of SpinOff.  With cabled yarn, you spin the single, then run it through the spinning wheel again, ply two (or more) together the normal way you’d ply, then ply two of the plied yarns together in the direction oppisite to the way you’ve plied. (Seriously, Interweave will tell you better than me).

I really enjoyed it – though I’ve been spinning this stuff since I got pregnant. Pregnancy and I did not make good spinning partners. Not only is it nice to have something I really like from stuff I was working on for 6 months, on and off, but VERY nice to be done and on to something else.I especially like it as it doesn’t have the “barber pole” look and will probably be doing this again and again! I highly recommend it – especially if you have a roving that, when plied, may end up giving you that “barber pole” look.


What it looks like.

cabled-2I had to wait for a sunny day.


Obligatory close up.


2 thoughts on “Cabled Yarn

  1. Why thank you, m’dear! It took a long time. I really can’t wait until I get this guy out, because at the moment, babymaking totally hinders yarnmaking.

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