Some thoughts on things while I wait for the baby to finish cooking.

It is hot. I have eaten all the popsicles in the house and the closest thing I have to a cooling popsicle is ice cubes made from orange juice. (Which aren’t bad, actually, just not as exciting as twin pops).

The Pinnacles came and went, and went off rather well, aside from an issue with my baby bump, a table and the Best in Show award. My shower came and went right after that, and my mom and aunt came to visit. The shower was nice and the visit was fun, but it’s nice to get back to a somewhat normal schedule. A few things have happened since then:

The baby’s room is, for all intents and purposes, finished. babyroom 1


There are a few sqonky pictures on the wall – all supplied by Jason (i.e., paintings he did that we stuck in the closet). I’d planned on doing some other paintings for the walls, but let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we? I probably won’t touch the room except to dust it until the baby comes. Besides, I really do adore the little grub guy in the painting above the rocking chair.  We were originally going to put a tree mural on the wall. Then, we were going to put the tree on canvas, in case it was crappy. Now, the baby gets old paintings we didn’t like enough to put up in the first place. Welcome to your parents, Baby0!

I’m working on the baby blanket (OpEd, from Knitty).  I’m on the part where you knit 10 rounds of each color. I have like, 6 more rounds of color to go, but it just keeps getting bigger, taking longer, etc. Etc. At the moment, it looks like a giant green and brown rasta hat. I’m tempted to just bind off and put on the dog because a) its huge and b) its too hot to knit, but I really don’t want it to not get finished. blanket

And then there’s me – I’m HUUUUGE! This is why I’m so hot, and annoyed and not wanting to finish things. Pretty much, if I could just lay around all day in a sundress, drinking iced tea and getting fanned by some sort of servant, that would be just fine.  I just want the baby to make its appearance so I can stop being a  “Little Behemoth.” Then again – have you seen what Jason still makes me do while both barefoot AND pregnant???



6 thoughts on “Some thoughts on things while I wait for the baby to finish cooking.

  1. OMG – you are adorable!! 1) I love the post! 2) Your baby room is ADORABLE! 3) You are the cutest thing! I’m so glad you post pictures like this so I can still see you! When is the baby coming? I want to meet him/her!

  2. Aw, thanks Bets. We should try to have lunch or coffee or SOMETHING before the baby gets here (however, you are on the birth email that I’ve predrafted because I am a nut).

    Although I might force you at some point to come up here, b/c I’m scared to come to Lincoln this month. That would pretty much seal the deal in my mind that the baby would come while I was down there. :)

  3. OK 1) LOOOOOVE the baby’s room! Can I live in it until the baby’s born?
    2)push mowers are fabulous and I wish we had never gotten rid of ours
    3) I see what you mean about the dress, but crack me up nonetheless

    Dresses and skirts are your friends postpartum. So are your maternity shirts, because nothing will fit and you’ll feel too tired to care.

  4. You look so cute! I can’t wait to meet baby Oberdin. I like the way you think. I also would like to sit around all day in sundresses and drink iced tea. And after the baby is born we can sit around and drink spiked ice teas. He he!

  5. good seeing you guys last night -> baby room looks great -> love the barefoot/pregnant/mowing/riley-looking-on pic

  6. Fran, you can TOTALLY live in the baby’s room until it comes. Get your butt over here!

    Lauren, once the baby is born there will def be spiked iced tea in our future. Heck, I’d settle for a beer! ;)

    Justin – Good seeing you guys too — heard the concert was good! I fell asleep at 10, so its good I didn’t go.

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