Anniversary the 2nd

Wedding Day
Jason and Corrie

Today is our second anniversary. The above picture is us, two years ago, walking in to our reception to the Disco Star Wars theme (thanks so much to Sarah‘s husband Ian, who happened to have it on his iPod).  That could pretty much sum up our marriage to date – when in doubt, improvise with what you have (and have fun doing it).

We’ve had a good two years – surprising in some aspects, but good.  We’ve gone through two jobs (me), two new hobbies (spinning – me, beermaking – Jason), the loss of our big dog (Bruno), pregnancy (both of us, though admittedly, I’ve dealth with the physical stuff and Jason’s had to deal with the joy‘s of a wife in the midst of hormonal nuttiness). We redid a good portion of our house (and by “we” I mean “Jason”…I was the design consultant). We went to South Dakota and the Florida Keys, and we watched a lot of cartoons.

In short, we’ve had fun. Even when it hasn’t been fun (see pregnancy, hormones) it has been interesting, and I’m glad Jason’s the one I get to have interesting with.


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