Sweet Tea Alabama

As I’m getting slower and more sluggish as the baby gets bigger and more obstinate, I’ve found that some of my grand crafting plans have to get scaled back a bit – even though I have the time to sit and knit for four hours a day, I can’t do it thanks to carpal tunnel syndrone kicking in. Because of this, I’ve had to get my maker thrills from other places – making bread, cookies, spinning, etc. My goal is to make something every day – and it doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be something.  The goal is less about finishing than about doing.  I think one of the important parts of making something is that you want, you enjoy and that makes you and others happy.

Which brings me to the Southern Sweet Tea, which is pretty much the ONLY way to truely drink iced tea in the world.  My mom makes iced tea, and I grew up and went on my own, I went about making iced tea according to the package directions, thinking that’s what she did. What I got was NOT what I got when I drove over to my parents house. So I finally asked how she did it, which is now the only method I use. This is the good stuff people, and in the tradition of trial and error, the measurements aren’t exact.

Step One: Fill a pot with water (2-3ish cups) and bring to a boil.

Step Two: While water is boiling, fill a pitcher with water, and dump in about 1/2 cup of sugar. (Note: the original recipe calls for a whole cup of sugar, and if you reallllly like your sugar or aren’t watching what you eat like we do, go for it. Just for the love of all that is good and holy, DO NOT use anything like splenda, sweet n’ low, etc. That is a crime reserved for unsweetened tea at restaurants).

Step 3: Take the  off the burner, and put in 4-5 tea bags*. Put a plate over the pot, and let sit for 10-15 minutes (The water won’t be cool, but it won’t be boiling hot either).  The plate, for some reason, is really important. So make sure you put it on.

Make sure you put the plate on, ok?

Step 4: Dump the tea mixture into the pitcher, stir to dissolve the sugar, and put in the refrigerator. Wait to drink until the tea gets cold (I’m serious here – do NOT try to cool it down with iced cubes. It won’t taste as good and you will be sad).

tea 3

Serve in a glass, preferably outside on a porch.

*I used either the Lipton or the Kroger “made for iced” tea variety.  Occasionally, either because I need to go to the store and am lazy, or because we want something exotic I’ll add a bag or two of something herbal, but I never make this with just herbal tea, and we all know that’s not really iced tea anyway.


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