Saturday Yums

Every weekend, I spend a little bit of time just playing online – looking at different things that are interesting, inspiring or cool from a design, crafty, or visual perspective. It gives me a little bit of focus for the week to come, and adds some ideas for things I’d like to try. (Of course, right now, everything I want to try is superceded by “Getting the baby out of me” – but I am keeping a list for things I want to do in the future.) Here’s some cool stuff I came by this week:

This No-Sew Jersey Scarf makes me want one. Even though I have 18 million knitted scarf, now I want a jersey scarf. ( Altered Cloth)

This recipe for Citronella Soap recipe on Craft Gossip has me wanting to try soap making. And I don’t even like the smell of Citronella!

I tried salted hot chocolate, which was VERY good, so I’m going to try salted coffee, just to see if I like it. However, the commenter at the very bottom reminded me that I want to make some vanilla sugar, so I can change my regular sparkling water to vanilla creme soda (minus the storebought yuk taste).

Really want to use some of my random wool roving to make a felted vessel. The rest of her blog just went on my “must read” list as well (HomeWork)

If you haven’t been following The Object Project, you totally should be.


One thought on “Saturday Yums

  1. Try a bacon chocolate bar if you ever come across one (they have them at Whole Foods sometimes). You will hate yourself for loving it so much.

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