A Blanket…and a Baby

About three weeks ago, I finally finished the Op Art baby blanket I’d been working on for the baby. The pattern is totally beautiful when completed, but the actual process wasn’t one I’d like to do again any time soon – a lot like pregnancy, now that I think about it. Don’t attempt this blanket unless you:

a) Really, REALLY love doing rounds and rounds of both knit and purl (blanket is knit in the round, and to get the garter stitch effect, you have to do alternating rows of knit and purl)

b) Go against the pattern and do it in stockinette stitch.

c) Are ready to be working on it for quite some time.

I never thought I’d finish it, and finally, I made the executive decision to cut it short – I stopped about 4 color change rows prior to the patterns end. Good thing I did, as it is HUUUGE! It would have totally dwarfed the baby had I gone ahead with it.

In progress...
In progress...
Before Weavng in the Ends
Before Weaving in the Ends
Weaving in the ends took forever, and was totally not the thing I wanted to do after knitting this guy.
Weaving in the ends took forever, and was totally not the thing I wanted to do after knitting this guy.
The gently-blocked final product
The gently-blocked final product

About a week after I finished the blanket (early, due to stopping pre-pattern end) I got a case of something called PUPPPs, a skin rash that only 1 in 150 pregnant women get. (Note: I am not linking to anything on it, and I don’t encourage you to Google it. Let’s just say it isn’t pretty or fun, and leave it at that. We’ll all be happier for it.) It spreads rapidly, and ends up being miserable. My doctor encouraged me to induce labor, so on the 27th of May we decided to induce on the 2nd.* We actually ended up going in a day early, thanks to the busy schedule in labor and delivery. Long story short, after 27 hours in labor, we decided to do a c-section**. The result? A 7 pound, 14 oz baby boy named Alpheus John Oberdin. We’re calling him AJ. Isn’t he cool?

AJ & Me - 3 hours after surgery.
AJ & Me - 3 hours after surgery/birth. Surgery caps do wonky things to your hair.
The night he was born
The night he was born
AJ @ 5 Days Ol
AJ @ 5 Days

I’m just getting the energy to blog and knit and move around again – not only was this my first baby, but also my first surgery (unless you count the time they popped a cyst in my hand, which I don’t). Happily, I’m getting better and he’s getting bigger.

*Best decision ever. By the day I got induced, the rash had moved from my stomach to my arms. During labor, it had moved to my back, my legs and my feet. I don’t know how I would have gone another week.

**Second best decision ever. AJ was in cockeyed, couldn’t drop down and after the surgery they realized he’d not have come out the normal way.


6 thoughts on “A Blanket…and a Baby

  1. Uh yeah, the rash you told me wasn’t as bad as the goggle images turned out to be just as bad or worse by the time AJ was born! Blanket looks fantastic and….you know how I feel about him!

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