Back to “School”

I know it sounds crazy – but I miss the whole “back to school” time that I got to feel as a kid and young adult.  Even though it doesn’t feel like “back to school” here in Omaha, the kids are all back today.  In Virginia, we didn’t go back until right after Labor Day, so I feel like I have a few more weeks to get ready, but I still miss the feeling. Mostly, I miss the possibility that a new school year always gave – new people (especially in Military & Government land that was VA), new subjects (once a nerd, always a nerd) and a new schedule – dance classes, girl scout meetings, etc, all started up again, setting up a schedule and learning to live with it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about schedules lately, because yet again our schedule got out of wack – my parents came into town for AJ’s baptism, I then got a stomach virus, then Jason took off work for two days and we spent four days at the lake. It seems like every time I get into a groove – so to speak – something happens to knock it off. Obviously, having a baby is one big schedule adjustment, but every time we worked out something resembling “normal” we’d have visitors, which – no matter how hard you try, messes with your routine.

Now that we don’t have anything “big” planned from now until the end of September or early October, when I plan to hit DC, I’m planning on adopting a “back to school” approach to our schedule – find a routine, make a routine, and stick to it as much as possible.  (Note: One reason I enjoy having a routine so much is to be able to deviate from it – something I’ve long adhered to…nothing is more fun that having a relatively structured schedule and then blowing it off to read a good book).

I also want to focus on learning some new things.  Before AJ was born, I made a list of stuff I wanted to learn and do with him, and my next goal is to find it and clean it up so I can get moving on learning some new crafty things (and have some stuff to share) and having some adventures to write about.  He’s already really active and pretty fascinated with what he can see in the world around him, so I want our new routine to incorporate doing new things.

I did finish a project – finally – that was well worth it, and I’ll be talking about it soon (once I get pictures).


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