The Crafty/Make-y Bucket List

As I mentioned yesterday, before the baby was born I cobbled together a list of crafty/maker(y) oriented stuff I wanted to start learning after the baby was born and I regained the use of my hands.  I found this list the other day, and in the interest of starting to actually use it, I thought I’d start organizing and sharing it.  If you’ve done anything on the list and have some ideas or thoughts on where/how to get started, by all means – share away.

I’ve decided that I want to organize it into categories, and instead of having a HUUUUGE list, and getting totally intimidated, I culled it down to 10 things that I believably can do or try by the end of this year. This isn’t about patterns I want to do, but techniques I want to try, or new things I want to learn how to do.


  1. Use my “crazy yarn” to create a blanket or throw – damm the way it looks!
  2. Knit something with beads


  1. Make a skein of coiled yarn longer than 20 yards – and use it
  2. Make yarn with beads (not to be used in item 2 above – that’s for attaching beads to non-beaded yarn)


  1. Prep my raw alpaca


  1. Make myself a dress I wouldn’t be ashamed to leave the house in


  1. Make homemade ice cream
  2. Make freezer jam


  1. Make paper
  2. Etch glasses

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