When life hands you apples…

Last week, my sister in law gave me a bunch of apples – like, a bunch. Usually, I’d find an occaision to make pie with them, but a) I haven’t really been in the mood for pie, b) we aren’t entertaining any time soon (and pie to me says “party!” or “picnic”).  It was time to figure out what to do with them, before they got too fragrant and not edible.

I did some thinking – apple butter? Too gross for words. Fritters? Too fattening. Individual, take along mini-pies? Too Martha.

Applesauce sounded just about right, but  I was a little worried because I’d bought some applesauce while I was pregnant and it just sat in the refrigerator for months.  (I swear, I’m not the scarey food-lady from Hoarders, but I’m worried that one day I’ll be playing her on TV).  I went ahead and made some this weekend, and it was gone by last night.

I used a recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking – which is now one of my new favorite blogs.  I followed it exactly, cooked for about six hours and just mashed everything with a fork.  Personally, I liked it better after it sat in the fridge for a day vs. warm, but Jason was a big fan of the warm version. The best part is, that since its in the crockpot, you pretty much just had to peel the apples, cut them up and shove them in, then try not to forget about them 6 hours later.


4 thoughts on “When life hands you apples…

  1. Kate used to make applesauce frequently on the stovetop. She enjoys it warm, and I prefer it cold. Now that it is almost apple picking season again, I anticipate seeing it more frequently.

  2. It really is good – I’ve got enough to make one more batch (trying to decide if I have it in me to do now, or wait until this evening). It’s so much more adult than Motts, too!

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