Anybody else see this? (Widget Threads Recap)

So over at Fiber Tales, there is a copy of the recent comments of Petra M, CEO and Owner of Widget Threads. For those who don’t remember (or if you live under a rock) Widget is the company that had a stellar reputation for years and years, then trashed it all seemingly overnight with a badly run craft club, trashing people’s orders and limited communication. They had the gall to keep advertising for new products when all of this was going down too.

Things seemed to be turning around – the last few months have seen happy customers and no complaints.


The comments posted over at Fiber Tales were shared on Petra M’s Facebook page. I highly encourage you to read them over there – you can’t go looking for them on Facebook, because she’s since deleted them. However, its been two days, and no comments from Widget Threads or apologies. I get how it can be difficult to “apologize” when its your owner, but come on guys — you’re big enough to admit she was wrong. Or else, see all your customers lost. Am I right?


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