Crafty Resources

The following is a list of crafty resources I use and enjoy*. If its not on here it doesn’t mean I don’t visit or I dislike it – either I don’t know about it, or it hasn’t gotten into my regular usage pattern for one reason or another.


Have a suggestion for a link for me to check out? Please email me and let me know!

*Totally goes without saying that my public library is a pretty big one in the “resources” area.


2 thoughts on “Crafty Resources

    1. Thanks Pat! I’ll check it out and add to the list. I have the same problem – my knitting and stuff has taken a nosedive with AJ in the picture. However, we’re getting on a more regular schedule, and this week I’ve even worked (I freelance) about 15 hours — I figure for weeks I *don’t* have a ton of work work, if I can “work work” for 15 hours I can do at least some crafting. ;) (That’s the theory, anyway)

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